It's Great to be Different

Meet the Authors

Alix Redmonde

Alix knows first hand what it is like to be different, as an only child born in California and raised throughout Europe and Japan. Alix was a grape, small and round.

As an adult she realized her differences made her unique. Today Alix is a much sought-after fitness expert with a loyal following. She is an editor for a national fitness magazine, a TV producer and has appeared on numerous shows promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Alix is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and spends her time between NYC and Sarasota, Fla with her three dogs, two cats and two doves.

George Fischer

Thinking back, George probably looked like a banana growing up. He has been practicing public relations and communications in the health and fitness industries for almost 20 years. When his nieces were born, he remembered the pressures kids face, and began to look for ways to say "it's great to be different."

Join the wise Bowl and the colorful fruit for a little bit of magic and a whole lot of smiles.

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